Tsarren (tsarren) wrote in excaliburfaire,

Updage from a vendor

Hi folks, for anyone who's still reading this - I'm a vendor, and as far as I know I haven't signed any non-disclosure agreements ;) , so here's what I know:

1) Sometime over the summer the people in charge decided to add an extra weekend onto the faire. Having seen our attendence numbers for the past four years, and noticing little growth over the past three, I think this is shooting ourselves in the foot, but that's just my opinion.

2) Whoever owns Rocky Hill Ranch decided to either not renew our lease or kick us off somehow. So we're looking for a new spot. Vendors with buildings have spent the past month and some going out to the grounds on weekends to tear down their buildings. Hopefully we will find a new spot, and the advertising people will actually buy a billboard along a major highway instead of the dinky signs they've always had... (can you tell I'm nervous about advertising and attendence growth? ;) )
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