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Austin TX, September 19th Sherwood Forest Stone Circle Jamboree.

Austin TX, September 19th Sherwood Forest Stone Circle Jamboree.

A Nighttime Gathering dedicating the newly erected Seven Sisters Stone Circle in Sherwood Forest under light of the full moon

September 19th, 2009 
Beginning at 5pm...with a Celtic Drumming at Midnight
Cover Dish--Pot Luck
Family, Kids, and Friends Welcome
Druids Encouraged to Attend
Camping Encouraged
(our last gathering until the conclusion of TRF)
Music, Dance, and More
This is a Night of Enchantment
We will celebrate the Autumn Equinox
within our own Stone Circle
Soft Drinks, Water and Ale Provided
Bring your Incense and Sage
Bring your bagpipes, drums, lyres, and other musical instruments
Bring your poetry and songs of blessings to our Mother Earth
This is a community building/rennie gathering fun party at the beautiful forested site of the upcoming Sherwood Forest Faire which will have its Grand Opening in the spring of 2010, and which will have onsite patron camping and large group campsites as well as showers and flush toilets.

The official Faire Website

Directions to the faire

A video Tour of the Faire (as it was in April, much construction since then)

photos of the Fair site

I know theyre also looking for more volunteers earlier in the day.. and if youre planning on camping as a group during faire you'll want to contact them and make arrangements to clear your campsite too.

If youre thinking of Vending at this faire or just interested in keeping abreast of things you may want to join the yahoo group
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