Marc Gunn (marcgunn) wrote in excaliburfaire,
Marc Gunn

Welcome to Excalibur Fantasy Faire!

I hope you all enjoy the new Excalibur Fantasy Faire LiveJournal group. Chat away, post pictures, etc, etc, etc. Slainte!
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*Cheers!!* Another group to join!

Oh, I did a photo edit for my faire picture. This one was taken at Excal, Saturday of the second weekend:

Image hosted by

*Laughs.* A dry shot taken in the morning.
Thanks for the invite, we had a great time on Sunday!
awesome! I'm really excited as I hear that we already have record attendance and the final weekend is upon us. Maybe for once the faire will be totally in the black! :)

Deleted comment

It was indeed. Fantastic year for the faire. Record attendance every week. I think there's even talk of having it run longer.
Love the faires. I didn't make it this year, but am hoping to next year. Still working on my costume. Well, hears to next year. And love the bards. Keep it comming. Have two CDs to get now.