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Sherwood forest faire Jamboree/Drum Circle/Party TONIGHT! (august 8th)

Fairefolk! Actors! Musicians! Playtrons! Vendors!

TONIGHT , Saturday August 8th starting 5pm+

See the site of the new Sherwood Forest Renaissance Fair egrounds Just 32 miles East of Austin on Hwy 290. Meet new performers, meet vendors, Drink Beer, Eat Food!(Feel free to Bring a pot luck dish if ye can but there should be plenty of food)

dont forget to bring your musical instrument or your dancing feet and by midnight in the magical moonlight we can Dance to the drums at a midnight drum circle at the Seven Sisters Stone Cricle Under the full moon!

Does it Cost anything? NO NO AND NO!
Camping? YES! Directly on the faire Grounds!
Garb Required? No But there will be some dressed up.

Directions at link.
(For a Picture of the Sheet of plywood in Question see next Link.
To see what its all about and for a virtual tour of the campgrounds as they were back in April (theres been a lot of work done since then!) check out this video

A message from our host about tonights gathering :

our focus of these get togethers are for folk to meet each other, for potential vendors to see the grounds and get a chance to ask the owners/developers any and all questions they want, a time we can start to build a sense of community among us by talking, having our kids meet and play together in a safe environment, drink a beer or two, listen to music, share our best eats with one another in an ol' fashion pot luck style dinner, drum around a campfire, dance, howl at the moon, have fairies take us through a midnight walk of these enchanted woods, etc.

 all that is expected of attendees are these things:
 --have fun
 --bring the best of yourself to the gathering
 --be respectful of others and the kids
 --don't drink and drive
 --as with the spirit of the Burning Man, bring something of yourself to share in the building of a tribe
 --offer your ideas as to how to make Sherwood a success
 --bring a pot luck tray of some kind, if time permits, to share with others

 that's it.

 should be plenty to drink
 should be good entertainment
 should be enough folk with drums to result in a midnite drumming circle

 there are lots of trees and one portapotty
 a hike on the other side of green woode stage, there are showers

 plan on camping, if you'd like
 we are sure there will be plenty that will even tho its hot a blue blazes

 feel free to bring friends and family

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