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Austin is getting a REAL renn faire of its own... THIS IS DIFFERENT FOLKS!

Sherwood Faire Opening Spring of 2010... its the real deal.. and if you WORK faire or VEND faire or have an ACT for faire or just want to be part of the a cast.. theres room to get in the ground floor...

Its opening in the spring of 2010 at a site  35 miles from downtown Austin

This weekend i took a site visit to the site of the Sherwood Forest Renn Faire... spread the word.. its the most BEAUTIFUL faire site I've seen in years.. and the faire seems to have both the soul and the backing to make it the best faire in TX...

and theres still room on the ground floor.

let me just say this is NOT 'excaliber 2.0' or anything like that... the guy starting BOUGHT and owns the land.. 105 acres of prime forest 35 miles from my front door in Austin... (opening year will be using a fraction of the site) covered in huge trees AND .. heres the miraculous part.. a glacier must have dropped a gift from the gods there because the faire site.. despite being so forested there may not BE any direct sunlight in the greener part of the year is geologically situated on top of 30 feet of hard packed SAND... there will be NO MUD .. EVER. on the fairesite... three minutes after a torrent you'll be walking on relatively dry ground...  (IE perfect drainage.)

AND THEY ALREADY HAVE THE ROADS IN.. metaled surfaces.. and such are already in place EVEN THOUGH THE FAIRE  doesnt open until Spring of 2010. I remember clearing parking lots and paths down to the last minute on some faires)

The directions as simple as 'get on 290 going east,  15 miles past Elgin take a LEFT turn on "Old Potatoe Road" .. and turn into the parking lot. really , thats it.

THATS not the really big news though.. the BIG news is this guy has both the dream, the brains AND the resources...  to make this a BIG faire in its first year.  I asked for a figure on his advertising budget AND IT BLEW MY MIND... I should have asked him if i can repeat that number.. and in fact, I'm going to but he estimates  a FIRST YEAR DRAW of 30,000-40,000 patrons in a six weekend run.  Normally i'd take that to be wild optimism.. BUT hes GOT THE ADVERTISING BUDGET to make it happen SO...

I dont know if the fairly dismal and drearly showings at  Excalibur and its sucessors has burned you out on fair vending.. but if it hasnt and youre just waiting for a fair WORTH your investment in time and effort JUMP ON THIS ONE....

I'm not officially affiliated with this faire (yet) and have no stake.. but I'm  passing on FIRST HAND knowledge.. things I saw with my own eyes, or got straight from the horses mouth. . whether as a vendor or as an act or an actor... if youre interested in faires at all.. you WANT  a piece of this faire...

an unusual (and good) amount of emphasis is being put on a Childrens area for entertaining kids... and on Faeries in general for the faire.. not an afterthought or outcasts but an integral part of the ideas and plans...  I think this one not only has the budget of a real business to get it started.. but also has the soul of a faire. So faire folk.. get in touch and see for yourself. You want in on this one.
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