arthurthedented (arthurthedented) wrote in excaliburfaire,

So,whats the scoop at this point? anyone know?

apparently canceled and I cant imagine that doesnt come with barrels of finger pointing and loads of drama.. but in general, what happened to this lovely little faire and what are our odds for 2009?
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Well, between the floods and other site drama, and the fact that the Lockhart site was....not ideal, to say the least...

I'd say Excal's dead and gone, for the mo'.

I'm much more excited about this.
I didn't get to attend Excal last year and was really looking forward to this year. Canceled you say??? Damn.

The Songwood fest sounds nice. I wish them the very best and hope it is successful!

CANCELLED?! I wasn't able to attend last year and I've got no ability to go anywhere else! WHAT DO YOU MEAN CANCELED?!
I've gone to the Excalibur Faire before it was moved from Smithville to Lockhart and now it's canceled? I heard the rumor. Best call the owner and find out, huh? Isn't he the same man that owns the Texas Renaissance Festival? I'll check in to this.
its possible *someone* is holding a fair on that site... but I imagine the legal tanglefoot is getting pretty deep.

Camelot faire plans for using the site in 2009 but doesnt seem to have an agreement with the landowner nor much else they will need in place as of yet.. and mentioned some other group that may hold the fair there this year... or not.

I'll keep my ear to the ground but its still in 'some people will want to but no announcements have been made and probably no vendor contracts or acts lined up.. IN LATE FEB so...