arthurthedented (arthurthedented) wrote in excaliburfaire,

Amazingly Enough I havent seen this info here yet... Excaliburs new site...

Hopefully everybody else has heard that Excalibur faire has a great new physical site near Luling/Lockhart. Easy driving distance now for San Antonio and San Marcos (lots of university students there) and no further from Austin.

I havent seen the site yet but at a recent alamorennfest event I heard some good things about it and am looking forward to helping with prep at least a couple of weekends during the coming months.

As I understand it, George is the new owner, and while I think the holidays have kept him busy and the transition has been taking some time, he's probably still getting the hang of delegating which is why 'random guy who used to know george and go to excal a few years ago' is taking it ENTIRELY on his own to say to the other folks on the list (on the odd chance you havent heard)..

The faire is alive and well and living in Luling TX. It seems to be in good hands and there is (so I hear) great on-site camping again too!

hopefully the official announcement folk will get on this stuff soon... just posting what I've heard at first hand (some from George, some from folks who've been to the site).. Really really looking forward to Excalibur this year...

hopefully March weatehr will be kind too.

(Disclaimer: I'm not a member of any inner circle nor authorized by anyone in any way...please feel free to comment, update, or add to this post with any first hand or at least directly sourced knowledge you have... )
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