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LARGE Austin Renn Faire,Spring of 2010,now welcoming acts and actors

There have been Faires in Lockhart and Bastrop before... but this is something of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MAGNITUDE.

Never before has there been a faire with an AUSTIN based cast located on ONE HUNDRED ACRES of land (25 acre initial faire site, 18 acres of parking and LOTS of room to camp.. and grow) OWNED BY THE FAIRE so that vendors can be SECURE IN THIER IMPROVEMENTS and performers and Rennies in Austin will FINALLY HAVE A FAIRE OF THEIR OWN.
The Faire site is 40 miles East of Austin located ON Highway 290... no narrow rough back roads here.. this site has direct highway access. On-site camping will be permitted free of charge in the Participants Camping area. Toilets and showers will be available during the entire run of the Faire—weekdays, as well.

Tell your friends and faire family, and join us in building Austin’s OWN first rate Renaissance faire which will be opening in the Spring of 2010!

You are invited to Join the The Sherwood Players as we meet to practice and plan at a convenient site in Austin every Wednesday at 6:30.

While Formal auditions for specific acts and roles are likely to start in July or August, we invite you to bring us your talents and ideas now in these informal practice and planning sessions where Rennies will get to stretch their performance art and both absorb and create the spirit of this new fair.

We'll be assembling a diverse cast including not only the expected RobinHood/Sherwood Forest/Nottingham roles such as Robin of Loxley, Little John, Friar Tuck, and other Merry Men, Sheriff of Nottingham and his deputies and not only the usual Lunatics, Peasants, Lords and Ladies,but also Gypsies, Fairies, Elves, Dark Elves (Drow), Trolls, Goblins, Ogres, any creatures of fantasy, Musicians, Wenches, Pirates, Crusaders, the Pied Piper, and more…

During the first year, the Sherwood Forest Faire Acting Company we'll be casting approximately 20-25 compensated positions for proven professional Fairefolk who can infuse the spirit of faire into the festival and mentor the less experienced cast, as well as 30+ apprentice roles who will be provided food and drink vouchers for use during the well as free camping.

All levels of Performers will be required to audition, attend all practices and of course perform all days the Faire is open. Additional stipends may be available for participating in pre faire promotions.

This Faire will be Participant-friendly and will donate a portion of its profits to Rescue, the 501©3 not-for-profit which assists the Rennie community with emergency health care needs.

For more information and for entertainment and vendor applications visit:

Reply to for directions to the Auditions/practices.

If you have an independent act that you would like to us to consider booking at our festival, please email to to discuss opportunities or schedule a formal audition.
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